Don’t just collect data;
extract meaningful insights

AeroVironment’s story began in the air more than 30 years ago as pioneers in the unmanned aircraft systems market. Drone companies may come and go, but none can provide the reliability and proven certainty we deliver to our customers. We’ve leveraged our experience and years of drone development to bring to market the powerfully simple to use Quantix™ Hybrid Drone.

This drone does more than just collect data; it offers an end-to-end ecosystem that provides actionable field intelligence so you can make smarter, quicker decisions saving you time and money.


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Bringing New Technology to Almond Orchards | Chad Colby

The Next Generation of Quantix & AV DSS

Quantix & AV DSS - A Grower’s Perspective

Quantix™ Hybrid Drone & AV DSS Ecosystem

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Quantix™ / AV DSS Overview - Growers Perspective

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Highly-intuitive Solutions:

from the battlefield to your field


This is the season to start producing more using less.  Unmatched aerial imagery and actionable field data is now available at your fingertips.


Easily collect high resolution imagery to view in the field and upload to AV DSS.



1 Define

your property and where you want the aircraft to capture info about your crops

2 Launch

your aircraft Safely, using our guided sequencer

3 Monitor

the airspace while your aircraft navigates the preplanned route

4 Quick-look

maps give you instant field assessment on your tablet when you land

5 Upload

your data securely to the AV DSS™ for deeper analysis

6 Analyze

your data to detect early signs of crop stress, water issues, and estimated crop yield

7 Repeat

to gather historical insights within a growing season and from season to season

8 FMS Integration

Import Variable Rate layer into FMS to create application maps by zone and generate prescriptions


“Without these aerial images I probably would not have done anything to this orchard”

Bill Brush - Crop Consultant; Modesto, CA

“Gain more awareness of how important it is to act based on data and use appropriate force not necessarily over whelming force on whatever your problem is.”

Jose Baer - Oso Ag; Buellton, CA

“These systems really allow us to get to places and do things we could not have otherwise.”

Todd Jacobs - National Ocean Service (NOS) of NOAA

“When its done flying I can take a look at what its done and get some answers right away. Its going to make us more efficient and make better management decisions.”

Nick Gatzman - Travaille & Phippen; Walnut Creek, CA

“The post-flight software allowed our group to quickly process the images and to obtain multispectral orthomosaic to analyze the vegetation indices (as NDVI) without using a powerful computer.”

Angel Maresma - Cornell University Nutrient Management Spear Program

“A drone would not have been in my top 5 things that I would like to update in our corn operation. However, after having flown Quantix, I'm thinking it would make it into the top 3.”

Doug Albin - 4th Generation Farmer; MN

“The image detail is amazing. Quantix analytics package gives the farmer-pilot the ability to zero in on geo-referenced areas of interest.”

The Progressive Farmer - Agriculture Publication

“Quantix mapped the entire 140 acres in only 18 minutes, and after the data was uploaded into AV DSS, I had a complete view of my field in less than 24 hours.”

Ashley Runholt - Agronomist - Cottonwood Co-Op Oil Company; Cottonwood, MN

“What I found to be one of the most useful applications for Quantix & AV DSS was taking early season NDVI imagery of corn fields and creating variable rate maps for additional nitrogen applications.”

Josh Hammond - Certified Crop Advisor, FarmAssist Consulting; Dickinson, ND

“This is by far the most intuitive drone we have ever used and everything is included in an integrated package.”

Song Li, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Crop and Soil Environmental Science, Virginia Tech

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Why AeroVironment

  • Intuitive Ecosystem

    Everything you need from a single company to easily collect aerial data on-demand and extract meaningful intelligence. Our hardware and software are optimized to work better together eliminating compatibility challenges and unnecessary complexity.

  • 30 Years of Expertise

    AeroVironment™ invented the hand-launched intelligence drone category more than 30 years ago and continues to lead the advancement of drone technology. Learn more about the history and strength of our company on the NASDAQ stock market under the symbol AVAV.

  • Proven & Reliable

    With more than 1 million flight hours by customers in the U.S. military, AeroVironment™ offers drone and analytic technologies with a higher-level of reliability & safety which you can depend on for seasons to come. We're supporting the most demanding customers in the most demanding environments world-wide.

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