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Proceed with Certainty

Since AeroVironment's beginnings more than 40 years ago, our scientists and engineers have sought innovative solutions to many of our most difficult security, energy and infrastructure management challenges. But as remarkable as our products are, it's the actionable intelligence they provide our customers that most clearly defines our company.

From the moment we developed our breakthrough unmanned aircraft systems, we understood their primary benefit—giving people the ability to see the situation ahead. With AeroVironment's sophisticated eyes in the sky, we could provide life-saving intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance for our troops on the battlefield. AeroVironment™ has become the acknowledged expert and largest supplier of small, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to the Pentagon and to dozens of allied nations. Today, we've leveraged our experience and years of drone and actional intelligence for the commercial market. 

Quantix drone

DoD History

  • Pioneer & market leader in small unmanned aircraft systems (SUAS)
  • Delivered over 35,000 air vehicles protecting our troops
  • Won all 5 Department of Defense (DoD) competitions for Small UAS (Program of Records)
  • AV’s SUAS comprise 85% of DoD inventory
  • Proven and reliable with over 1,000,000 flight hours
  • Operating in more than 35 countries
  • Worldwide logistics and operational capabilities

A success story of innovation

Why Commercial Information Solutions

Anyone can provide Data, AeroVironment™ provides Intelligence 

AeroVironment’s Commercial Information Solutions remote-sensing business integrates drone-based aerial mapping and surveying with cloud-based data analytics to help businesses in multiple industries to digitize crops, powerlines, pipelines, railroad tracks and other infrastructure for analysis to detect anomalies and changes. AeroVironment is providing a one-stop, full-service decision-support-system so businesses can make smarter, quicker decisions that will help increase revenue, reduce costs and operational risks.

When it matters most, we give users the intelligence they need to decide with confidence and—proceed with certainty.

Commercial History

  • 7 Vehicles in the Smithsonian
  • FAA grants first-ever over-land restricted type certificate to AeroVironment Puma™ AE
  • BP Exploration (Alaska) selected AV to provide mapping, Geographic Information System (GIS) at its Prudhoe Bay oil field
  • Puma™ AE supporting Coast Guard Ice Breaker for Operation Deep Freeze Resupply Mission through treacherous Antarctic seas
  • Introduced Quantix™ and AV DSS
  • AV and California State University, Fresno begin field research to identify water stress in almond production
  • AeroVironment™ advances research with farmers and university partners 

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