AeroVironment Decision
Support System™

Receive Actionable Insights—Automatically

AeroVironment's cloud-based Decision Support System™ (DSS) performs advanced image processing, analytics, comparative and historical reporting, providing actionable intelligence so you can make smarter, quicker decisions. 

There is no need to spend your time in front of a computer stitching imagery together; AV DSS automatically aggregates all your data making it easy to use and understand which can help improve operational efficiencies and increase profitability.     

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AV DSS cloud-based data analytics platform

AV DSS uses dynamic web-based and mobile dashboards and a host of intuitive tools to turn your aerial data into actionable intelligence

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Webinar: Learn How One Walnut Grower Increased Yield by 20%


Insight Up: “Smarter, more powerful tool to provide aerial imagery & data analytics”


CalTec Ag: “Using a combined tool from the same company allows for more accurate data products”


Travaille & Phippen: "A great tool to help effectively manage your orchards"

Corn Use Case—Land Stewardship

Insight for Land Stewardship: How One Corn Grower Used Aerial Drone Imagery to Detect Drainage Issues Damaging the Land And Impacting Yield

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Corn Use Case—Application Efficiency

Insight for Application Efficiency: How One Corn Grower Used Aerial Drone Imagery to Quantify Irrigation Issues Improving Operational Efficiency

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Walnut Orchard Use Case

How One Walnut Grower Realized Higher Yields.

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Quantix™ Hybrid Drone & AV DSS Ecosystem


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Quantix™ / AV DSS Overview - Growers Perspective

Data Analytics

Easily see all of your farm fields from a new perspective. Quality data returned back to you. Insight on demand.

RGB image

True Color


Can help accurately identify
weak spots in your field and
inspect farm assets

NDVI image



Provides insight into plant
health—where vegetation
is thriving and where it is
under stress

GNDVI image



Provides an indication
of plant "greenness" or
photosynthetic activity,
commonly used to determine
water and nitrogen uptake

Canopy Coverage Image



For many crops, it is
an important indicator
of stage of growth

Anomaly Layer Image



Can be used to identify areas of
your field that differ from the
norm, down to the plant level

Actionable Intelligence using AV DSS

Uncover Powerful, Actionable Intelligence Using AV DSS

AV DSS consists of three elements – dashboard, analytics portal, and mobile app all working together to help you make more informed decisions

  • Uniquely designed for Precision Ag
  • Quick turnaround allows you to make informed decisions based on your data
  • Drill down into your data over time to uncover patterns and trends
Mobile App Syncs Data in Cloud

Intuitive Dashboard with Simple Survey Reports

Get a quick update on each field location based on thresholds identified by you.

  • Provides reports, alerts, weather info associated with the location
  • Accessible from any internet connected device
  • Links to the analytics portal for deeper dive
AV DSS Proven Security

Mobile App Automatically Syncs with AV DSS

Upload, share and contribute data and images to AV DSS from any location.

  • Used in the field
  • All images uploaded with geolocations
  • Date integrated in the portal
  • Available for iOS and AndroidTM

Explore a Range of Analytics on AV DSS Portal

Review your aerial data using a host of easy toolsets and analytics.

  • RGB, NDVI, GNDVI orthomosaic maps
  • Canopy Coverage
  • Anomaly detection
  • Comparative analysis
  • Historical trend analysis
Analytics on AV DSS Portal

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