Powerfully Simple—
Say Goodbye to the Learning Curve 

With the simple touch of a button, Quantix™ initiates a fully-automated takeoff, flight and landing, eliminating the learning curve so even first-time flyers can successfully operate the drone. 

Quantix™ quickly and accurately maps your acreage, allowing you to easily spot crop health and operational issues that might be missed by the naked eye. While still in the field using Quick-Look™ maps, anomalies can be identified and ground truthed to determine water, insect, weed and disease pressures, so you can catch potential issues before they start impacting yield.

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Quantix drone in flight

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Quantix & AV DSS - A Grower’s Perspective


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Insight Up: “Smarter, more powerful tool to provide aerial imagery & data analytics”


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Quantix™ Hybrid Drone & AV DSS Ecosystem


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Quantix™ / AV DSS Overview - Growers Perspective

Fully Integrated Workflow

Fully Automated OneTouch Planning


First fully integrated
drone to feature fixed-wing/
multirotor design—ready to
fly out of the box!

Revolutionary hybird Design

One Touch Planning

Fully automated launch, quickly scans your fields and returns home automatically

Instant Insights


 On-board stitching delivers
Instant RGB & NDVI Images 
at landing for in-field

Online Analytics Solution Center

Online Analytics
Solution Center

Seamless integration with
AV DSS for deeper analysis and historical comparisons


Farm Management Software Integration

Import Variable Rate layer into a wide range of FMS to create application maps by zone and generate prescriptions

Scout Faster and Farther with Ease

Quantix Hybrid Drone

Innovative Efficient Design

  • Takes-off and lands like a multirotor
  • Range, reliability, and efficiency of a fixed-wing aircraft— 400 acres per 45 minute flight
  • Quality Data Capture in wind speeds up to 20 mph
  • Allows for a safe launch and soft landing, protecting sensors
OneTouch Planning and Launch

One Touch Planning & Launch

  • Fully Integrated AndroidTM based QuantixTM operating tablet included
  • Fully automated control with single button launch command
  • In-flight status monitors - flight direction, entry, exit & transition paths
  • Safety features include Return & Land, and Emergency land

Collects Everything in One Pass

  • Built-in dual 18MP Cameras
  • Simultaneously collects high-resolution RGB & Multispectral
  • Incorporates a self-calibrating solar sensor
Quick-Look Maps


  • Onboard stitching delivers composite images instantly on the operating tablet upon landing—no internet required
  • Switch between RGB and NDVI for immediate in-field assessment
  • Enhanced image quality for a variety of conditions
Quantix Hybrid Drone Data Collection

NEW Quick Resolution decreases upload and processing time by 50%

  • Slower Internet Connection? Start analyzing your field’s data intelligence faster
  • Choose your upload resolution preference in the Quantix Uploader (Standard or Quick) based on your preference or bandwidth
  • Perform AV DSS’ full suite of imagery data analytics

Built to Work Better Together— Quantix & AV DSS

Helping to Improve Operational Efficiencies

For deeper analysis, the collected data seamlessly integrate with the on-line AeroVironment Decision Support System™ (DSS). AV DSS automatically stores and processes your images into high resolution aerial maps, and features intuitive tool sets for deeper image analysis to help guide decision making and improve operational efficiencies.

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AV DSS cloud-based data analytics platform

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