Quantix™ Mapper

Quantix™ Mapper is a quick and simple
mapping solution

Empowering users through its fully-automated operation and instant insight. Now you can immediately view high resolution imagery on the spot – no other devices, internet or additional software required. With the touch of a button, you can quickly and safely generate up to date maps for in-field assessment. Whether you’re assessing crop growth during key stages, or damage from storm, flood and fire, Quantix Mapper makes It easy for you to gather accurate images across a large area, assess and react to situation with precision and speed.

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Texas A&M Puts Quantix and AV DSS to the Test

The Mechanical Engineering (MEEN) UAS team at Texas A&M had the opportunity to utilize Quantix and AV DSS to support a research project being conducted by the school. Over the course of 88 days, the MEEN UAS team completed 50 surveys of a corn field in order to track growth and health of the plants.

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Creating a Drone-to-Tractor Precision Ag System

Quantix & AV DSS allows me to get in-season information to evaluate how well our plans and applications have translated into the current growing season.

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In-season Verification Using Aerial Drone Imagery Data Analytics

Quantix & AV DSS gives me the ability to use data and science together in an organized way to develop a true, custom plan for growers. To me, this is what being an agronomist is all about – helping the grower be environmentally sound, and improving operational performance, without sacrificing yield.

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The Next Generation of Quantix & AV DSS


Quantix & AV DSS - A Grower’s Perspective


Webinar: Learn How One Walnut Grower Increased Yield by 20%


Insight Up: “Smarter, more powerful tool to provide aerial imagery & data analytics”


CalTec Ag: “Using a combined tool from the same company allows for more accurate data products”


Travaille & Phippen: "A great tool to help effectively manage your orchards"

Corn Use Case—Land Stewardship

Insight for Land Stewardship: How One Corn Grower Used Aerial Drone Imagery to Detect Drainage Issues Damaging the Land And Impacting Yield

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Corn Use Case—Application Efficiency

Insight for Application Efficiency: How One Corn Grower Used Aerial Drone Imagery to Quantify Irrigation Issues Improving Operational Efficiency

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Walnut Orchard Use Case

How One Walnut Grower Realized Higher Yields.

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Quantix™ Hybrid Drone & AV DSS Ecosystem


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Quantix™ / AV DSS Overview - Growers Perspective

Automated Workflow

Fully Automated OneTouch Planning

Revolutionary Design

First fully integrated
drone to feature fixed-wing/
multirotor design—ready to
fly out of the box!

Revolutionary hybird Design

One Touch Planning Operation

Fully automated launch, quickly scans your fields and returns home automatically

Instant Insights

Quick-Look Maps

 On-board stitching delivers
Instant RGB & NDVI Images 
at landing for in-field

Generate up-to-dates Maps in minutes

Quickly and easily collect high-resolution imagery across large areas on your schedule. 4 times the coverage of most quadcopters.

Get the perfect view with automated Adjustable Altitude Options

Simply change your desired altitude to vary coverage rate and image resolution.

Cuts collection time in half with dual integrated 18 MP sensor System

Simultaneously capture True Color (RGB) and Multispectral images with integrated light sensor (ILS) to color balance and correct.

Immediately see centimeter level accuracy with Quick-Look HD

Immediately view High-Resolution geospatial imagery on the spot – no other devices, internet or software required.

Non Proprietary digital image formats

Quantix Mapper Data is available in non-proprietary (open) file format for integration into a wide range of stitching and analysis tools for further analysis if required.

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Flexible Automatic Mapping Modes

Area (Lawn Mower Pattern) – easily create automated flight missions around a large land area by drawing a polygon on the map. Quantix Mapper will determine the most efficient route to cover the entire area with hands free operation.

Waypoint – easily create automated flight missions by inputting specific locations (lat/long) to image, or tap points on map to add waypoints.

Linear (Corridor) – Create automated flight mapping missions of linear segments, such as roads or railways, by simply tapping points on the map to define poly-line.

Sample High-Resolution

Search & Rescue:

Hurricane Dorian - Bahamas

Disaster Assessment:

Woolsey Fire - California


Leak Detection Pistachio Trees

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